Getting the Most From Your Performance Management System

Grote Consulting Corporation is dedicated to helping organizations, large and small, integrate best-practice performance management processes that fit your culture and workforce. We offer customized consulting, implementation, and training services that can help you better manage and develop your most valuable resource – your people.

Performance Appraisal

Does everyone know exactly what you expect and exactly how well they’re doing? We can help you create a new performance appraisal system that is simple and effective. Or tune up a worn-out one. And we can train your managers to be masters of performance management.

Corrective Action

Does your existing corrective action system solve problems, enhance relationships, and build personal responsibility? Does it reflect your organization’s values? Are your managers comfortable holding tough performance improvement conversations? We can help.


Calibration systems assure appraisal accuracy, guarantee differentiation, and drive the truth into performance management. We can help you create a successful approach and train your managers and facilitators to use this this deceptively simple procedure skillfully.

Harvard Business School Videos

The Harvard Business School recently made a series of short videos of Dick Grote providing his counsel and insights on performance management for their executive education programs. The videos are listed to the right or click here to see all the videos.

The Harvard Business Review engaged Dick Grote to be the subject-matter expert for two of their online tools, “Goal Setting” and “Performance Reviews.”

The Goal Setting Tool answers these questions: What do your direct reports need to achieve this year? How will they stay focused on the most important tasks, committed to their jobs, and motivated to exceed expectations? At the end of the year, how will you know if they did a good job?

The Performance Reviews Tool presents a step-by-step process to help managers keep reviews accurate, straightforward and effective.

Performance Improvement Quick Tip

Years ago, in one of the first rigorous studies of performance appraisal, General Electric discovered that criticism for an individual’s performance doesn’t usually result in much performance improvement. What does work, the GE researchers found, was reinforcing the individual’s strengths and encouraging him to make even more use of those skills that were particularly well developed. Things haven’t changed. Building on strengths almost always provides better performance than trying to shore up weaknesses.

Dick Grote

Client Quotes & Case Studies

Read what our satisfied clients are saying about us and take a look at our Client Success Stories to see how we can help you. Below are three testimonials and case studies from American Airlines, Corus Entertainment and Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.

“Grote Consulting has been instrumental in helping us launch our cutting edge performance management tool and process. Their reputation as experts and their dedicated responsiveness, depth of knowledge, and genuine passion for performance management made them our ideal partner.”

Sarah Keller

Manager, Performance Management, American Airlines Case Study

“Grote Consulting’s assistance in crafting our new performance management system gave us the finishing touches that we needed to launch a successful organizational and personal change program for current and future “Baylorites.”

Hal Blackadar

Vice President – Human Resources, Corus Entertainment Inc. Case Study

“Grote Consulting helped us achieve our goal of creating a truly blended performance management system with the development of a state-of-the-art performance appraisal process designed especially for the specific needs of our agency.!”

Mike Sorrels

Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Dept. of Juvenile Justice Case Study

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