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Consultations with Senior Executives

Dick Grote has thirty years of consulting experience solving some of the thorniest and knottiest problems senior executives face. He combines his consulting experience with a sophisticated industrial engineering background; fifteen years in corporate America (General Electric, United Airlines, and PepsiCo); twenty years as a graduate school professor of organization behavior; authorship of books that have become management classics; and tens of thousands of conversations with CEOs of major corporations, middle managers, first-level supervisors, and workers on the line.

There’s not an organization problem around that Dick Grote hasn’t encountered.

Sharing Ideas that Work

11840854_blogBesides conducting management seminars, speaking at conferences and management retreats, and creating performance management systems that work, Dick Grote is available to work one-on-one or with small teams in your organization to help solve whatever problem you’re grappling with quickly and successfully.

Some recent examples: For a large appliance manufacturer Dick coached two dozen HR professionals on techniques for conducting calibration sessions. For a major insurance company he led a roundtable analysis with the senior HR team examining the distribution of performance appraisal ratings. For a large hospital he helped the executive team identify the “core competencies” that they expected of every employee.

He was engaged by a large international pharmaceutical company to identify the minimum performance management standards required for managers around the globe. For a major defense contractor he designed a calibration system to drive the truth into the performance appraisal process and then he conducted a series of calibration facilitator training programs.

He has designed an “upward appraisal” form for assessing supervisory skills; met one-on-one with managers to coach them in delivering difficult performance assessments; conducted a highly participative workshop for trainers on how to build expertise and enthusiasm for goal-setting; and worked with a project team assigned to revise their company’s performance appraisal rating labels.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Dick Grote has been engaged for major projects with the CIA, Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency. He has talked one-on-one with Fortune 100 CEOs about issues that cannot leave the office. He knows the importance of confidentiality.

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with any client organization.

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