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Success in performance management

Executive Overview of Best Practices

For the past thirty years, Dick Grote has consulted with some of the most admired companies and government agencies in the United States and abroad. He has an insider’s knowledge of the best practices in performance appraisal, talent management, forced ranking, discipline, and all of the other elements that make up the field of performance management. Dick Grote’s experience, expertise, and wise counsel are available to organizations through his Executive Overviews. The Executive Overview – an intensive one-day engagement – typically involves two components. First, a presentation to the executive team on best practices and new directions in performance management. Second, a sleeves-rolled-up working session focusing specifically on the organization’s highest-priority performance management issues.

Executive Presentation

Picture-RCG-Topeka Speech (Silhouette)The Executive Presentation typically involves a two to three hour high-level session led by Dick Grote for the organization’s senior executive or HR leadership team. This highly interactive session allows for a peer-level discussion of issues at a senior management level, and reviews the practices in place in some of America’s most-admired organizations. Most important, the Executive Presentation does the hearts-and-minds job of building top management understanding and enthusiasm for developing and sustaining a high-performance culture.

Working Session

The balance of the day is spent dealing with whatever the organization’s high-priority operational and tactical performance management issues are. Anything’s possible. And the result is always the same — a marked increase in performance management commitment, understanding, and success.

Focus Areas

Dick Grote provides Executive Overviews in these areas:

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