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Books to Help With Performance Appraisals

The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal

Unlike most technical or professional books, The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal is extremely personal and forthright. Author Dick Grote has worked with performance appraisal techniques for more than a quarter century, and he tells you which methods have been successful and which have flopped. And Grote writes in a style that’s so enlightening and engaging you’ll feel impelled to keep on reading.

Discover the quickest, surest methods for making your appraisal system a winner. Whether you’re looking to get the maximum impact from your existing system, or you want to create and implement an ideal system from scratch, The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal is your one-stop, how-to-do-it resource. You’ll find candid, informed, on-the-mark solutions to every question you have about performance appraisal.

An especially valuable feature of the book is the real-life samples of a variety of performance appraisal forms (some of them ingenious, others merely workable, and a few that are truly dreadful). Use them to evaluate your own appraisal forms – and to create exemplary forms that capture all of the important information about an individual’s performance and generate meaningful data that can be used to make defensible decisions about compensation, employee potential, and developmental needs.

With The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal, you’ll develop a TOTAL system that works for you, one that rewards accomplishment and improves results.

Who says The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal is worth reading?

“Finally, a book on performance management that masterfully combines the fundamental principles of the topic with progressive trends in this area. A ‘must read’ for human resources professionals who design, implement and administer these programs, and for senior managers who strive for excellence through managing their people.”

Peter C. Habley,
Vice President, Employee Resources, Pfizer

“Dick Grote makes a difference. He understands the real world of organizational life, and how to create positive change through a focus on accountabilities and measures. Organizational development has to do with naming it, measuring it, and managing it. This book provides a road map on how to do just that.”

Edward F. Walsh,
Vice President Human Resources, Campbell Soup Company

“Finally – a book that demonstrates that there is more to a performance evaluation than checking a box or writing down a numerical ranking. Whether you are a manager, HR practitioner, instructor, or employee, Mr. Grote explains concisely what a performance management process should consist of. The examples are real and the approach is comprehensive.”

Dr. Richard Huntley,
Director of Human Resources, Raytheon E-Systems