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HBR Tools Goal SettingHBR Tools: Goal Setting

Publication Date: December 29, 2015

Price: $29.95

Helping your team set effective goals is a critical part of your job as a manager. Challenging, but attainable goals improve productivity and create a high performance culture. They foster engagement and encourage focus on the most important tasks. The HBR Tool for Goal Setting will help you support your team in setting specific, challenging, and measurable goals. What’s included: (1) The Manager’s Handbook provides an overview of effective goal setting and walks you step-by-step through the goal-setting process. It also includes guidance on where to look for inspiration for challenging goals, and (2) The Goal Setting Worksheet becomes the record of your team’s goals and your shared agreement on what they will accomplish and by when. Use it as a guide in your initial conversation to explain the goal-setting process. Then the team will fill it out after you’ve agreed on the goals.

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HBR-Tools-Performance-ReviewsHBR Tools: Performance Reviews

Publication Date: January 28, 2016

Price: $29.95

Performance reviews are a key component of employee development and a critical part of your job as a manager. It’s an opportunity to assess performance, recognize accomplishments, and identify development goals. For many managers, this process is a source of anxiety. Completing reviews and having annual performance discussions shouldn’t be stressful. This tool will give you the resources and confidence you need to effectively navigate review time. What’s included: (1) The Manager’s Handbook walks you step-by-step through the performance review process, from gathering the necessary information to sitting down with your direct reports to discuss their performance, (2) The Self-Assessment Form gives your direct reports an opportunity to voice their own opinions on their performance, (3) The Performance Assessment Criteria will give you criteria and questions to review and evaluate your direct reports’ performance, and (4) The Performance Review Form is what you’ll fill out as a formal record of your employees’ performance.

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