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Corus Entertainment Case Study

Canadian-based media and entertainment company; $787 million revenues; 3000 employees

Client Need:

In a company that they themselves described as “excessively Canada-nice,” management needed to set tough and demanding
performance standards, thereby raising the performance bar higher  than many people in the organization were comfortable with.

Our Solution:

Dick Grote made a presentation, “Roses, Daisies, And Weeds” at Corus’s annual management meeting in Toronto. With examples, illustrations and good humor he stressed the importance of fertilizing the company’s Roses, appreciating the Daisies, and pulling its Weeds.

Successful Result:

Dick’s speech resonated with the participants, and set in motion the building of a more results-oriented culture. The client wrote that Dick’s presentation, “reflected knowledge of this country and interest in our corporate culture, in which Dick invested considerable time well in advance of his presentation.”