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Almost every company has a performance appraisal program. Many have formal leadership development programs. Succession planning systems are fairly common. Some have structured procedures to help them spot high potential contributors early on and retain their top talent. Career planning procedures and learning management systems aren’t uncommon. A few actually know who their A, B, and C players are, and have systems in place to manage each group.

15785008_blogBut just how well are these systems and programs and processes working? More important — how well are they integrated into a combined and successful total talent management process?

Making the Gears Mesh

Too often there’s not a lot of correlation between who actually gets the promotion and who the succession-planning system offers up as the prime candidates. Scarce leadership development opportunities may be offered to those who don’t really have that much potential for executive-level leadership. Your most valuable contributor may first learn that she’s seen as such during her exit-interview conversation.

Effective talent management simply involves makes sure that all of the various processes that should be working together actually do. But making sure that each separate process is doing its job, and that they’re all working together smoothly, isn’t easy.

Services and Solutions

We can help you identify how well each component of your total talent management system is working. We can help you design systems that identify the relative contribution and potential of all the people on your team. We can help you decide if a relative-comparison, forced ranking system should be part of your talent management palette. We can help you identify which systems need to be improved and what’s missing in the talent management big picture. And we can also help you confirm that you’re actually doing things right.

Our Talent Management Services include:

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