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john_deere_logo_3623John Deere Case Study

Agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer; $28.4 billion revenue; 56,000 employees

Client Need:

The CEO was an ardent believer in performance management. But not all of the company’s top 250 executives from North and South America, Europe, China, India, and Africa were equally as committed. This lack of commitment on the executives’ part filtered down to middle managers.

Our Solution:

Every two years John Deere’s Global Leadership Conference brings all 250 of the company’s top executives together. To help these executives understand the importance of performance management, Dick Grote was asked to present the conference-closing speech, “The Myths of Performance Management.” His speech was the highest rated presentation of the five-day conference.

Successful Result:

Following the Global Leadership Conference, Deere’s CEO decided that every one of the company’s managers should be required to hear Dick Grote’s presentation. Dick created and hosted a DVD video that incorporated the key elements of his presentation and included vignettes of supervisory/employee transactions, making the points from his speech come alive. His video became the primary component of a three-hour performance management training program for all of Deere’s management employees.