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Whirlpool-Logo-640-30353194_18555_ver1.0_320_240Whirlpool Case Study

World’s leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances; $19 billion sales; 70,000 employees

Client Need:

The senior HR team wanted to assure that consistent performance expectations were applied to all individuals who were doing similar work, and that common rating errors – such as one manager’s being more lenient or more demanding than another – would be spotted and corrected.

Our Solution:

Dick Grote presented a Performance Management Executive Overview for members of Whirlpool’s senior HR team, concentrating on calibration. He then designed a Performance Calibration Training Program, and conducted training sessions for 40 Whirlpool HR generalists.

Successful Result:

HR generalists throughout Whirlpool successfully facilitated calibration meetings for their particular business units. Our client reported that after the end-of-year calibration sessions, it seemed that every other sentence from the facilitators was either “Dick said this . . .” or “Remember what Dick said about . . .”