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Grote Consulting Corporation is dedicated to helping organizations, large and small, integrate best-practice performance management processes that fit your culture and workforce.

We offer customized consulting, implementation, and training services that can help you better manage and develop your most valuable resource - your people.

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Is your Performance Appraisal System
getting poor reviews?

Does your Employee Discipline System deliver true performance improvement?

Are your Talent Management Systems accurately identifying, developing, and retaining your top talent?

Performance Improvement Quick Tip

Years ago, in one of the first rigorous studies of performance appraisal, General Electric discovered that criticism for an individual’s performance doesn’t usually result in much performance improvement.

What does work, the GE researchers found, was reinforcing the individual’s strengths and encouraging him to make even more use of those skills that were particularly well developed. Things haven’t changed. Building on strengths almost always provides better performance than trying to shore up weaknesses.

- Dick Grote
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